You do the teaching...we provide the support and accountability.

Encompass Homeschool allows you to use your choice of curriculum, your style of teaching, all while fulfilling the Option 3 requirements in the state of South Carolina. 

What we can give you

Individualized attention when you need it with a hands off approach when you're ready

Option 3 Accountability

We provide your school district with the required documentation they need for you to remain in compliance as an option 3 homeschooling family.

Your preferred method of checkoff

We provide different ways to satisfy the mandatory checkoff and provide your school district with the required documentation they need for you to remain compliant.

Access to an online support   group

We have a Facebook group to help coordinate park days, field trips, curriculum support, and general homeschool questions.

In person meet ups and field trips 

Encompass Homeschool will be organizing meet ups in different areas as well as field trips. If there isn't a group in your area, ask us how we can help you network.

Meet NCAA D1/D2  Requirements

Do you have a child interested in playing athletics in college? We can hlep make sure you are fulfilling the requirements 

No statement of faith required

We understand (and cherish) that homeschoolers come from all different backgrounds. What unites our families is the desire to to play an active role in educating our children, no matter our faith background.

Why homeschool?

Homeschooling will provide you the ability to spend more time together as a family. It will provide more flexibility in your daily/weekly/annual schedule and allow you to pursue coursework that may not be offered in a traditional school setting. 

Homeschooling will also allow you to take advantage of nice weather, be able to spend more time with grandparents and extended family, and vacation during off peak seasons. In short…homeschooling will give you so many opportunities you would have never thought possible!


Discover how we make a difference with your homeschool

We are a diverse group of families, homeschooling for many different reasons, with the common goal of educating our children to be positive and productive members of society.


Check what other parents say about us

"Christie truly has the gift of encouragement. She sincerely wants those around her to succeed, and supports them in any way possible."

Larissa Yook

Homeschooling mom of 4 children

"Christie is an excellent communicator, facilitator, and planner. If you are attempting to accomplish anything, you want her on your team!"

Josh and Sara Jones

Homeschooling parents to 5 children

"Christie welcomes everyone and makes sure that they feel comfortable and have the resources to succeed. She is an asset to any team!"

Anna Maria Izard

Homeschooling mom to 2 children

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